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  1. Learn which Web 3 companies will disrupt business as usual - from accounting to sales/marketing and the client experience.
  2. Stop being confused (or worse wrong) about Bitcoin’s price trend.
  3. Understand the big trends in crypto in less than 10 minutes.
  4. Avoid being scammed by fake pump and dump crypto analysts.
  5. Get access to AI-driven intelligence that’s easy to understand and filters through the insane "financial advice" given on Crypto Twitter.
  6. Steer clear of fake crypto news and get the real simple facts.
  7. Stay informed about major crypto regulations.
  8. Build your internal instincts about who to trust.
  9. Increase your confidence when trading crypto.
  10. Escape the herd mentality of buy high and sell low.
  11. Find clear information about the risks and rewards of crypto.
  12. Learn crypto so you don’t feel overwhelmed in just a few minutes per week.
  13. Stop allowing the fear of missing out and the fear of losing drive risky trading decisions.
  14. Get access to exclusive on-chain data and forecasts used by smart money traders to minimize loss and maximize potential profits.
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Who Are We?

Execution-driven business leaders, trend analysts, entrepreneurs, traders, and investors with decades of experience leading high performance teams focused on building multi-million dollar experiences and systems across IT, Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Marketing.

We've thrived through countless crypto stress tests to date.

Crypto Winter 2017-2019...
Pandemic 2020...
Alt Season + Meme Bubble 2021...
NFT Bubble + Crabby-Bear Market 2022...

And we're still here, capturing opportunity.

What Do We Do?

We capture opportunities fueled by global trends in tech, eCommerce, crypto, and macro-economic cycles. We post our analysis 2-4X a month.

We believe that the businesses that adapt and provide services in the new Web 3 economy will earn unprecedented revenue multiples over the next 5-10 years.

We share ideas, trends and research to spark your curiosity and in-depth due diligence.

We help business leaders to future-proof their business, develop strategic playbooks and identify new revenue centers.

We use data and on-chain analytics to forecast high probability trends in crypto to give us an extra edge. As Ray Dalio once said, "Those who live by the crystal ball will eat shattered glass".

We don't know you or your situation. If you need advice, seek the appropriate licensed professional. As per our Terms & Disclaimers, nothing here is ever legal, tax, or financial advice.

On the path to success, risk is a guarantee, past performance is not.

We're smart enough to know that Murphy's Law is guaranteed to manifest whenever humans and money are involved.

Our best hope is to stack the deck in our favor and make smart money moves, so that we can live life to the max despite persistent global uncertainty.

Our appetites for discovering rewarding opportunities hidden in plain view is why ALT MONIE was created. The months ahead will reveal how well we handled opportunity.

A Brief Crypto Lexicon

Gen Pop / NGMI (not going to make it) - The general population that is chronically the last to know and the first to suffer from economic and technological shifts.

Mega Whales / Whales - Those with enough money and influence to pump and dump any financial market and ruin the futures of Gen Pop. We track these pods closely.

Seasonality / Cycles - Everything in life has a season. A time to plant. A time to harvest. A time of expansion. A time of contractions. Knowing the seasons/cycles of the global setup is key to understanding when markets will become uber bearish or uber bullish.

Bearish - Be wise. Things are about to get depressing. Patience is a position. The preservation of capital and ones sanity is critical to long-term survival.

Bullish - Be calm. Hysteria is at an all-time high. Everyone is a financial genius. Smart money is doing a balancing act between taking profits and letting the trend ride. And they have warning signals to alert them when the party is over.

FUD - Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Market research has proven people will buy into fear more than pleasure. FUD creates massive gains for one party and massive losses for another. Rarely is it a fair game.

Decentralized - Removing the friction points (3rd parties and high fees) in a transaction to make it faster, cheaper, and more secure.

Centralized - Control of information and money rails in the hands of a few.

Crypto Twitter - The wild west saloon of crypto. Fortunes are made. Billions are lost. Scams are abundant. Innovation is non-stop. Influencers are rampant. The FUD is real. The memes are hysterical. Dreams come true. As do nightmares. Avoid taking advice from here unless you hate money and love losing everything.

On-chain Analytics - Crypto can't be analyzed using the same stock/bond analysis that missed all the blatant warning signs of the 2008 economic train wreck. P/E ratios and quarterly earning reports are useless here. As crypto evolves, high-frequency trading bots, stablecoins, inflows, outflow, total locked value, transaction volume, price, tokenomics, funding rates, VC vesting schedules, supply, and use case are all part of analyzing which projects will survive to be the next tech giants.

Coins / Projects - Legitamite cryptocurrencies are software projects and technological innovations that are fueling the next evolution of the internet (Web 3, Web 6, Web 10+).

FOMO - Fear of missing out. A common Gen Pop flaw that has them addicted to buying high, selling low, and losing everything in the process.

NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens. A digital asset can represent real-world or virtual-world objects like art, clothing, real estate, music, in-game items, videos, sports memorabilia, access passes, rights, licenses, patents, fractional ownership. Anything valuable can be made into an NFT. Even your business, car, and home.


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