Here's a bit of wisdom as you navigate cryptocurrencies – nobody knows everything.

Not even Vitalik, Sergey, or Charles.
We're interacting with the opportunities and risks of digital assets in real-time.

Volatility is the price we pay for participating in innovation before it becomes the new norm.

Resist the urge to have just one source, one voice be your "all seeing eye".

Good research means studying not only cryptocurrency projects, but also the traditional financial market trends, which impacts market psychology and behavior.

We appreciate the deep work Arthur Hayes shares with the market, as he sums up the dilemma facing the Fed today —  

The Fed is facing a similar “pick one of two” dilemma. They can either choose to fight inflation, or support the financialised American economy — but they can’t do both. Fighting inflation requires increasing the PRICE of money (USD) and decreasing the QUANTITY of money. The prescription for a “healthy” American economy requires the exact opposite.

In March 2022, with inflation starting to enter surge pricing, the Fed decided that the American economy could handle higher rates — raising the fed funds rate for the first time since 2018 by a quarter of a point. Surely, with unemployment at all-time lows, the engine of America could deal with a few percentage points higher on the fed funds rate? –
- Max Bidding

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