It's the year 1292.

Over 650 years before you were born.

Just before Marco Polo began his expedition to China, he received one last request from the royal family who was funding his journey.

“Hey, while you’re in China, can you capture a few unicorns? We’ve killed them all in Europe, but we’re sure there’s some in China,” they asked.

“Sure, I’ll get some unicorns for you.” He told them.

He already believed unicorns existed; therefore, an animal that moved about on four legs with a horn on its nose had to be a unicorn.

At first, Marco Polo couldn’t find any unicorns in China, but he did when passing through Indonesia.

They weren’t what he had imagined.

They didn’t have long, majestic horns and beautiful white coats.

Instead, they had short, stumpy horns and tough, leathery skin.

Marco Polo thought, “Interesting, the unicorns are different in this part of the world,” but still took them home.

The unicorns were, in fact, rhinos.

The agonizing market since the November 2021 high has crypto Twitter on an expedition to find unicorn profits wherever they can be found, as seen in the hottest searches over the past 24 hours.

Dogecoin? - Seems like a good play since Elon bought Twitter.

ZoidPay? - If it's anything like ApplePay, it must be a hidden alpha project, right?

Oasis Network? - Yes, finally an oasis in this Kalahari crypto desert!

Instead of finding a unicorn, the bulk of the market is stumbling across a lethargic alpha rhino - Bitcoin. And it's impacting the alt rhinos too!

Bitcoin, has the ability to be powerfully exciting.

Instead, as seen in the chart below, it's been slowly achieving higher lowers since January.

BTC Weekly Candles

Here's what most appear to ignore in their chart analysis – assuming you swing traded Bitcoin at the January low, the potential returns ranged from 14% to 45% as of this post.

Like Marco Polo, the returns of the past few months have not been what most expected.

Regardless, profits have been made, and smart money has found ways to do well by changing their perspective on what unicorns look like.

We found some non-scammy projects producing triple digit yields in this market. Seems like they didn't get the memo the Fed is raising rates.

And we found them by changing our perspective on how profits can be achieved outside of price speculation in an unspectacular market.

Even in the stock market, profits can be made beyond price speculation.

From dividends to spread arbitrage.

Lesson - There's more than one way to capture profits if you widen your perspective on what crypto unicorns are supposed to look like.

Let's look at what our alpha rhino - Bitcoin - has been up to since the last post...

Bitcoin's Trend

Week 17 of 52

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