The sober reality is Gen Pop (def: the general population that is chronically the last to know and the first to suffer from economic and technological shifts) is being squeezed.

Our tribe of analysts all see the writing on the wall -

The everyday passive investor will continue to see inflation eat way at their balances, face a contracting economy, be bombarded by hopeless headlines of civil unrest, face an unappealing reality to sell what they can salvage or average down or just wait it out – all the while central banks and governments scramble to find an economic life-saver.

This doesn't include the war cycle we mentioned earlier this year, which kicked off with Russia/Ukraine and has already spread to China/Taiwan as China continues to send warplanes into Taiwan's air defense zone.

America, China, and Russia are in the depths of several geopolitical and revolutionary war cycles that are converging between February and July. These unfolding events will impact all financial markets in some capacity. -  Fading Confidence Feb '22

This is not a drill, as a successful invasion means China will control TSMC, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips.

These chips power our phones, laptops, cars, data networks, fighter jets, missiles, traffic lights, and the essential electronics we all depend on – just ask Alexa.

Its clients include Apple, Intel, and Qualcomm for starters. At least 169 global industries are barely surviving through the chip supply shortage post-2020.

Will the West actually intervene with the invasion plans of a country that keeps its Wal-Mart and Target shelves stocked?

It's a mind-bender to guess how the West is supposed to save the world and fix its own national issues simultaneously.

Focusing on what we can control and influence, the conversations throughout our tribe of global business leaders have been empowering these past few weeks.

The collective thought is – don't wish it were easier, become better.

Become better at being an active trend investor, if that's a skill you want to master.

Become better at executing sales/marketing campaigns that build cashflow.

Become better at managing expenses while investing in activities to generate a worthwhile return on investment.

Become better by focusing your time and energy on what adds value to business and life.

Become better at self-policing how much toxicity you allow into your eyes, ears, thoughts, and words.

Don't wish it were easier, become better.

Gen Pop typically just cuts expenses, slows/halts spending, complains, blames, and thinks that's all it takes to "survive". A typical passive approach.

History has proven time and again that those with little have even less after "normalcy" returns.

The reality is work, enterprise, capturing opportunities that competitors are too afraid to grab, managing risk, preserving capital, and smart thinking all play a role in the ability to thrive.

For our premium members, here's your insider look into the market dynamics that we'll dive deeper into after the Fourth of July weekend...

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