December 14, 2021

The Daily Yield - Trial Launch Part 2

A crypto income trading strategy to capture profits while you eat, sleep, and play. Step 4 of The Daily Yield Bot Trading Strategy

The Daily Yield - Trial Launch Part 2

Your journey of learning how to capture profits while you eat, sleep, and play is now revving up into high gear!

In the video below, we’ll share with premium members our insider tips about -

  • How to back-test and select coins that align with your money goals.
  • How to decide between stablecoins vs BTC pairs.
  • Understanding the profit maximization features.
  • Learning the nuances of the loss minimization features.
  • What most traders don’t think about when back-testing, and how it can decrease their profit potential.
  • How bots can “steal” your profits if you don’t know how to adjust this one setting.
  • A free Trading View indicator to analyze which coins can generate more returns in a volatile market.

As we've mentioned before, any decent bot can generate returns in a bull market.

However, we all know the market is not up-only. A strategy is only as solid as its ability to weather multiple market conditions.

The chart below shows for the weekly timeframe Bitcoin. It moves sideways most of the time (orange arrows). Followed by pumps up (green arrows) and dumps down (pink arrows).

The market moves sideways most of time.

Knowing this, our bot strategy is designed to capture profits in most market conditions - up, down, and sideways - without shorting or leveraging!

Keep in mind that during heavy market corrections, we find it more advantageous to stop the bots and sit sidelines to allow the market to find a new bottom.

Catching falling knives is too risky in our book. Protecting our capital is our top priority. Making profits is secondary.

Remember, any crypto strategy is only as strong as your ability to research and identify quality projects.

At the beginning of this trial, we activated several bots (Nov 14th, 2021).

Let's look at the bot profit performance results as of Dec 14th, 2021 on a $19,856 trading account during the bloody November 2021 market correction.

  • Nov 14 - ($0.03) … Essentially break-even.
  • Nov 15 - $149 … Bot profits up 149% from the day before.
  • Nov 16 - $247… Bot profits up 65% from the day before.
  • Nov 17 - $590… Bot profits up 138% from the day before.
  • Nov 18 - $655 … Bot profits up 11% from the day before.
  • Dec 14 - $3,289... Bot profits up 402% from Nov 18th.

But wait! The market was clearly going down, and the bot grew profits?

Yes, and in the video below, we show you the nuances of how this happens, and downside risks to proactively prepare for.

Also know on Nov 7th that we received early AI alerts the market would have a healthy correction, liquidate millions of over-leveraged longs, and reset greed to extreme fear.

On Nov 10th the blood bath began. We activated the bots on Nov 14th to battle test how the bots would perform when crypto is in a tailspin of fear.

(Starting in Jan 2022 we'll share these market trending signals with our premium members...access has its privileges).

Like we said, everyone’s a financial wizard when markets are going up, but what counts is who thrives and survives when it all comes tumbling down.

If your crypto strategy falls apart in a 20% correction, your money and sanity will be obliterated in a 50%+ correction.

As one of our trading mentors, Joe McCann, likes to say, “Don’t Be Dumb.

This means we take earning profits and preserving our capital seriously.

We know that markets can humble us in minutes, which is why we spend time researching, testing, starting small, analyzing and adjusting to find what works for each of us emotionally and financially.

The video below shares with you our insights after several months of testing with virtual and real money.

Let's get started...