November 27, 2021

The Daily Yield - Trial Launch Part 1

A crypto income trading strategy to capture profits while you eat, sleep, and play. Step 3 of The Daily Yield Bot Trading Strategy

The Daily Yield - Trial Launch Part 1

If the strategy is weak and you’re weak, you'll lose all the time.
If the strategy is weak and you're strong, you can recover most of the time.
If the strategy is strong and you're strong, you'll win most of the time.
If the strategy is strong and you're weak, you'll lose all of the time.

TL:DR - You're the deciding factor of success or failure in any crypto trading strategy.

The difference between amateurs and pros is that pros learn how their tools and strategies perform in the wild.

They send their ships (i.e. money, ideas, strategies) out to sea and get the experience of how the vessels handle wind gusts, hurricanes, tsunami waves, hail, and every force of destruction nature hurls at it.

During the onslaught, pros learn, adapt, pivot, and make strategic adjustments. Amateurs are panicking, blaming, feeling paralyzed, and losing it all in the process.

Crypto is no different. Everybody looks like a financial genius when the markets are on a bull rampage.

Crypto Twitter residents brag about their spot on technical and fundamental analysis that pinpointed the exact day some low cap coin would jump 3,500%.

These same seers fail to miss the early signs of a market correction.

They tend to be eerily quiet when that same low-cap coin retraces 93%. They tend to blame the developers, blame Elon, blame gas fees, blame China, blame the Fed, and anything else they can mark as the trigger that nuked their dreams.

Pros know better and waste no time on the frantic logic of the scared and the liquidated.

As pros, we welcome opportunities to test our strategies and look forward to the lessons of real-time risks and rewards. That’s how we get better, earn more, lose less, and survive another day to share our insights with you.

Now it’s time to do a trial launch - activate the demo bots to test with virtual/fake money in real-time. We'll break this trial launch posting into 2-parts.

Give this demo trial launch at least 14-30 days to experience the bot's performance in live crypto conditions.

We think the best time to do a trial launch is when the markets are sideways and uncertain.

Actual bot profits in a sideways and correcting market. All coins went down in price, and the bots captured profits on the volatility. No shorting. No leverage.

Any basic bot can make you money in a bull market.  The most advantageous bot strategies earn profits in most market conditions (bullish, sideways, and small corrections).

Keep in mind, knowing when to turn the bots off/exit, setting take-profit triggers, setting stop-loss triggers, is as important as knowing when to enter the market.

Catching knives is best left to Cirque du Soleil performers (i.e. when the market heavily drops 50%+ over a few days).

Timing is also important. If you activate a bot at local tops, your portfolio balance will be underwater for awhile if the market corrects shortly after activation. This is why being in quality projects is essential.

If ETH drops in price, we're confident in ETH's ability to rebound, so it's a matter of patience and letting the bots capture profits while ETH recovers.

We also prefer to activate the bots at local bottoms when fear (40 or less) is the mood of the day.

People are irrational. They buy high, sell low...all day, every day.
The mood swings of the market should never be underestimated.
The market humbles the greedy and the scared.

Pros use onchain analytics, macro trends, Alt Monie signals, and a game plan to stack the odds of success in their court, which is why you're a premium member (or will become one today!)

Let's go...