November 2, 2021

The Daily Yield - Get Ready

A crypto income trading strategy to capture profits while you eat, sleep, and play. Part 1

The Daily Yield - Get Ready

A crypto income trading strategy to capture profits while you eat, sleep, and play.

No impermanent loss.
No coding required.
Capture profits in both bullish, bearish, and sideways markets.
Built in risk minimization and profit maximization triggers.
Profit seeking machines working 24/7/365 to grow capital.
Capture realized gains to invest, spend, and use as you want.

There are crypto traders charging $2,500 - $4,700 to their members for this strategy. We're giving our members access without the surcharge!

What does a moderate 7%-10%+ monthly yield generate for a $10K account?
$100K account?
$500K+ account?

And the Daily Yield Strategy doesn't stop at 10%.
In fact, when the markets are bullish, we're capturing 4% to 10%+ per day!
No BS, simply the data we've collected so far.

Do the math and you'll appreciate why we're fans of this passive strategy.

It gives us the freedom to enjoy life without being chained to trading screens or worried about what the Hong Kong and London sessions will do to the crypto markets overnight.

In less than an hour a day, we can analyze performance, make adjustments, and then spend the rest of the day doing what we love.

As a financial philosophy, we don't need to squeeze every basis point of profit out of the market. We want consistent gains, not all possible profits.

We simply want to achieve our personal financial goals and live life to maximum fulfillment.

The results we've observed depend on each project's price action, market sentiment, news, and innovation.

Without this fundamental analysis, you're marching into a den of hyenas with no protective equipment. If your account miraculously survives, you'll be in emotional and financial intensive care for sometime.

So far we've witnessed 0.50%-3% average daily returns, with a few rock stars maintaining 5%+ per day, even in sideways/bearish markets, with this strategy.

We've also seen dull performers only generate 0.25% percent a day.

The difference lies in the quality of the project, Crypto Twitter sentiment, the overall market trend (bullish vs bearish), and the metrics used to determine buy/sell triggers.

Clearly, we control only 1 out of 4 of these influences, the metrics used for buy/sell triggers, which is why testing and starting small is important.

So why not just hodl and check back in 6 months?

For many of us, the goal is to outperform buying/holding and yield farming.

The goal is to earn profits on the volatility of price discovery.

The goal is to maintain our sanity, keep calm and trade on 24/7/365.

Because doing this is not cool anymore...

Results will vary. Not financial/legal/tax advice. Risk is a guarantee, past performance is not. Always do your own research.

For our paid subscribers over the next few days, we'll outline the process of this strategy.

1. Get Ready - The insider tools required for this strategy.

2. Get Set - Getting familiar with the insider tools and selecting the right coins.

3. Trial Launch - Using the demo account to back-test performance with virtual/fake money, to experience the results for yourself.

4. Going Live - Real money, real results, real risks. Your decision.

Crypto traders charge over $2,500+ to their members for this information. Don't let your ignorance become someone's cash cow.

Your premium subscription to ALT Monie includes this extra level of alpha because we want hardworking entrepreneurs, business owners, gamers, creatives, and tech geeks like us to succeed!

Let's get started...