In our first Briefing, we're flying you out to the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, the Mariana Trench.

It's dark. Largely unchartered. The water pressure will crush your body like a beer can. The region has earthquakes, volcanoes, hydrothermal vents, and the biggest mud volcanoes on Earth. Tectonic plates are colliding in some areas and spreading apart in others, producing a wide variety of new environments that make the Mariana region such a fascinating place to explore.

Tech is like the Mariana Trench.
Trillions of activities taking place online and offline to create life as we know it.
It crushes old industries and creates openings for new ones.
Adapt or die.

In 2004 Google's share price was $85.
Did you buy back then?
As of today it's over $2,700.
A 32X ROI in less than 20 years.

Many of us were completely clueless to what Google was creating at that time. We had no clue that the simple idea of organizing the internet would result in $161.85 billion in revenue as of 2019.

We were clueless to all the industries, including yours, that would have to adapt in order to benefit from this economic engine built on the idea of organizing information.

Some of you are multi-millionaires because of Google's mission to index and monetize information from trillions of web pages.


What does this have to do with cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects?


Amazon, Netflix, TripAdvisor, and millions of other businesses go to Google to compete for advertising positions. Whoever is willing to pay the most gets the top spot. A genius business model.

Ask yourself this...

If Google took an innovative approach to organizing and indexing all the information posted on the internet...

Who is organizing all the information/transactions posted on Bitcoin's blockchain? Ethereum's blockchain? Solana...Zilliqa...Binance... Elrond... Cardano... Polkadot... Polygon... Avalanche... and countless others?

And what kind of revenue will they generate by selling this organized information?

The extra smart will already see there's a multi-billion dollar digital gold mine waiting to be harvested for whoever monopolizes the indexing and organization of information across all of these blockchain projects.

Within the next 5 years a clear market dominating indexing project will absorb the market. Whoever is in second place will most likely cater to a niche market.

Before we reveal a project worthy of being added to your due diligence list, let's be clear...this is not a coin shilling post.

Our focus when it comes to crypto projects is simple: Infrastructure & Networking.

Who is building the foundational digital tunnels, bridges, roads, airports, and shipping ports of Web3 that everyone will pay a fee to use?

Which projects are positioning themselves to monopolize Layer 1 and Layer 2?

It's these types of projects we research, share, and many times are users of because the greatest dividend money pays is time. And many of us want more of both.

The crypto project we see as mimicking the playbook of Google is ...

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