The global macro setup is precarious at best.

Global citizens are now acutely aware of the ramifications of money printing, as seen in inflation across everything a person may want or need to buy - food, energy, real estate, Amazon stuff.

Still recovering from the economic and supply chain disruption of 2020, the world is now embroiled in a war that goes beyond the borders of Ukraine and Russia.

It’s a physical war, a banking war, a cyber war, a supply chain war, and a resource war that will prove destructive to countless lives across multiple countries in direct and indirect ways.

And China just shut down the Suzhou Industrial Park which is a critical global tech development zone for key manufacturing firms like Apple, auto makers, Samsung, Bosch, and Eli Lily due to reported Omicron cases.

We’re all watching with chess-player eyes to see how governments can/will turn on/off economic highways — be it manufacturing, banking, transportation, resource production, etc. — to the detriment of their own citizenry.

Early February (Week 6), we stated that it would be short-sighted to assume the cryptocurrency market is impervious to the powerful impact of historical and economic cycles.

America, China, and Russia are in the depths of several geopolitical and revolutionary war cycles that are converging between February and July.

These unfolding events will impact all financial markets due to 82 - 84 year war cycles slamming into 2022 as forecast by Andrew Pancholi's globally recognized cycles analytics (which is our go-to trusted advisor for macro events).

Most people will encounter at least one major war cycle in their lifetime.
It's not a coincidence that the Ukraine is in the same geographic location as the Crimean War of 1853.

War cycles played out exactly as forecast in the The Market Timing Report Year Ahead Special – The report gave a very precise time windows noting February 24th as one of the key dates, and this was the day Russia entered Ukraine.

History has a macro-rhythm that we can't see in our daily lives. So when large cycles like 60, 90, 100, 250 year-cycles hit, it can feel unforeseeable.

Cycles experts, like Andrew Pancholi, spend their intellectual energy tracking the seasonal ripples of booms, busts, war, and innovation throughout human history.
Just like us, Andy's report uses data to make smart-money decisions.

After reading this month's Market Timing Report, this volcano of disruption is just starting to smoke. The full eruption has yet to take place based on the timeline of war cycles, which can last for 29 months or longer.

We are in critical times, and there are some important cycles – and opportunities - coming up this year. If you are a seasoned investor or hedge-fund, stay ahead of critical macro-financial shifts with Andy's Market Timing Report.

Without the Market Timing Report's predictive analysis, we'd be like many traders and investors – on the wrong side of a macro-trend and flushing money down the drain.

What does this have to do with crypto?

First, it’s one of the reasons Satoshi unleashed Bitcoin.

When a person’s economic survivability is under threat, what will they retreat to, hoard, rely on, and save?

Whatever the ripple effect of this war, what is sure is that Bitcoin will be battled tested – again.

The path forward for Bitcoin can go three ways:

  1. Outshine all other asset classes.
  2. Maintain status quo with all other securities.
  3. Completely fall apart.

Successful trading and investing is about adding incremental gains and protecting capital.

This is where actionable on-chain analytics from Alt Monie and The Market Timing Report can be critical to thrive-ability.

When viewed from a macro humanist perspective, war is always destructive and energy wasteful. Human civilization converts the potential energy of the sun and the earth into food, shelter, and entertainment. War is the act of spending energy to destroy the fruits of human civilization. While one side “wins”, and achieves some political or resource-driven goal by defeating their enemy, humanity loses because the things destroyed by kinetic energy weapons must now be rebuilt using additional energy. The potential contributions of the humans slain on both sides are also lost forever. - Arthur Hayes

The ray of hope and light at the end of this dark tunnel is this – We’re confident the world isn’t ending tomorrow.

Many will live to see another day.

Good people will continue to do good things.

Having the essential comforts of life (food, family, friends, health, home, income) is an important priority for many of our subscribers.

Now we'll do some recon to understand what these macro-events will mean for Bitcoin's macro-trend.

Bitcoin's Trend

Week 11 of 52

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