People like certainty and predictability. It makes us feel safe about the present and hopeful about the future.

We like knowing that our labor, efforts, and time will bear fruit.

The shower will be hot today, like yesterday.

The air conditioner will kick on when it gets too hot.

The car will start when the ignition is fired.

Your luggage will arrive at your final destination on time.

The prospect you've had three phone calls with will become a client.

So when fukakujitsu derails the predictable – it can range from annoying to catastrophic.

Yet nature shows time and again – it's possible to thrive in the most barren, uncertain, and desolate of conditions.

From Acacia trees living up to 200 years in the Kalahari desert to sea floor Yeti crabs thriving off the bacteria from lava-hot hydrothermal vents.

What makes the difference? Adaptability.

No use trying to change a 700-degree Fahrenheit seawater vent or 115-degree desert.

A smarter plan is to strategize how one plans to survive in such an environment, if walking away is impossible.

In crypto, that can mean several things -

  • Take profits or cut losses and sit sidelines.
  • Assess if the "trend is still your friend" and decide from there.
  • Do nothing and ride it all out. The definition of hodl and diamond hands.
  • Stop using logic and trade emotionally. Most of crypto Twitter.

Let's assess what story the data is telling this week about crypto...

Bitcoin's Trend

Week 15 of 52

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