When it comes to crypto, there is no shortage of questions.
Answers that stand the test of time are hard to come by.
And even when they do, they're met with skepticism.
Que sera sera!

Since cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and smart contracts are part of a global tech trend, we decided to learn what global organizations like the World Economic Forum think of all this.

Are they pro-tech or are they advising a country near you to focus on something else?

Here are 4 out of 17 ways they expect technology to change the world by 2027 (5 years from now) -

Credit will become accessible to those ignored by traditional financial institutions - Over time, technology will enable financial stability and discipline without the need for people to gain relevant knowledge. AI and machine learning advisors will become ubiquitous, constantly recommending the next gig, next investment or next online class to us, truly democratizing growth and financial wellbeing. - source

Interesting, in the future people won't have to figure out when to buy and sell their investments. A machine learning advisor will do it for them.

Web3 technologies will revolutionize the world of commerce - By 2025, Web3 technologies will have revolutionized the world of commerce, in much the same way that Web2 transformed access to information. - source

So Web3 isn't a ponzi scheme or marketing buzz word that will fade away like Myspace and Beanie Babies?

‘Central bank digital currency will revolutionize the financial system’ - A new digital form of a country’s fiat currency issued directly by a nation’s monetary authority or central bank is predicted to have one of the biggest disruptive impacts over the next 3-5 years. This form is referred to as a central bank digital currency (CBDC). When underpinned with blockchain technology, a CBDC has the potential to revolutionize the financial system and pave the way to increasing financial inclusion and improving the lives of billions of people globally by providing access to cheap and affordable financial services. Due primarily to its architecture, a well-constructed CBDC can support offline payments, shielded transfers, automation throughout the programmability layer, and possess cash-like properties. All these features when taken together will foster financial inclusion of the user by providing them with a digital alternative to physical cash, enhancing access to their money even in remote areas, and providing options for those that are currently unbanked. Innovative payment platforms will provide an on-ramp for building CBDC and bridging them together to existing payment networks, including both traditional banking and alternative finance. - source

Just one of many reasons why regulations are coming stablecoins.

'The quantum internet is coming’ - The quantum internet is expected to have a profound impact on how we live our lives by enabling breakthroughs in energy, medicine, material sciences and more. In the next five years, we will see quantum networks emerge from local area networks and clusters into continent-scale area networks using quantum repeaters, which are the foundations of the quantum internet. - source

Transmission of data that exceeds the speed of light. Imagine information so fast you get it yesterday!

The point - technology is not in a recession. Five years is a blink.

Now feels like forever, with the market still trying to make sense of Terra Luna, Celsisus Network, and a mob of crypto projects that did not manage their investment strategies well.

The good news - we shared the month is unlikely to see rallies.
No exaggerations, just data to tell us what trend is unfolding or being setup.

The why price is falling across the board is multi-layered - interest rates, inflation, wars, hiring freezes, supply chain backlogs, low/slow economic growth, earnings failing to meet expectations, and crypto projects imploding under sell pressure.

Experience has taught us rarely does the 'Why' make anyone feel better.
The important question is 'What'.

What is happening and how long is the trend likely to last, given the 103 economic reasons we have no direct control over.


The onslaught of economic negative news in the present has shifted many into flight mode after the cryptocurrency market and Nasdaq 100 has been on a downward trend since November '21.

Everyone wants to know when will the pain stop?

Let's dive into deeper what's happening to price and where's the bottom.

Bitcoin's Trend

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