We are in the throes of massive change.

Over the last few years I've been briefing you on the major geopolitical setups and how they are all coming together.

Not only that, we have also combined with war cycles.

Extraordinary large number of war cycles are coming together. So we are at a potential ignition point.

In 2016 to 2017 we warned you all about how we are in a Modern Day Revolution.

In 2019 we put you on alert, not only for a stock market top but also a change in economic structure pointing towards recession.

Top of the list for 2022 are the war cycles.

The world is rapidly moving from globalisation to polarisation.

- Andrew Pancholi, Market Timing Report FEB '22

It would be short-sighted to assume the cryptocurrency market is impervious to the powerful impact of historical and economic cycles.

America, China, and Russia are in the depths of several geopolitical and revolutionary war cycles that are converging between February and July. These unfolding events will impact all financial markets in some capacity.

For a thorough non-political data-driven perspective, we highly recommend checking out the Market Timing Report.

As investors and traders in this extraordinary tech-cycle, we use macro-outlooks to add further confirmations to crypto surges, tops, drops, and bottoms.

As we noted in our 2022 outlook, the price swings of 2022 will likely favor traders over buy and hold only investors, as the swings between fear and greed, confidence and uncertainty are expected to increase in intensity.

It's one of the reasons we provide our subscribers with insights into both onchain-intelligence and macro-economic cycles. The two are linked like DNA strands. Ignore either at your discretion.

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