The challenge of being crypto economists – or any kind of financial researcher for that matter – is that no one wants to look like a fool. No one wants their analysis to be wrong on a consistent basis.

It's human nature to want to be right most, if not all, the time. Anyone living in reality knows this is a fool-hardy pursuit rife with stress, as life has a way of proving how fallible even the best intentions can be.

Take deep-sea fishermen in Alaska. Even with the most advanced weather instruments, swift unforeseen Arctic storms, freezing rain, 40-60 foot waves, and no visibility can slam a ship in a matter of hours.

Even the saltiest sea dog, who's endured spectacular and horrific days at sea, can attest that the way to stay agile and survive to sail another day is to master expecting the unexpected, master your instruments, and master yourself.

Crypto is similar. Mastering the unexpected, our tools, and our emotions ensures we can survive to trade and invest another day on the right side of this techtonic shift.

This week, we'll look at the next wave of Bitcoin's price trend and use our unbiased instruments to forecast the outlook ahead.

Bitcoin's Trend

Week 10 of 52

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