Uncertainty has a way of shuffling priorities and accentuating what's truly valuable.

Filtering through the news to get a feel for social sentiment, the term VUCA came to mind.

Are things volatile? Yes, from finance to geopolitical tensions.
Uncertainties, everywhere.
Complexities, everywhere.
A clear and safe path forward, nowhere as of now.

To date, Bitcoin has thrived under global pressure.
We believe another stress test is coming to crypto.
Some call it Crypto Winter.
We see it as a Crypto Cleansing.

Coins with no long-term viability will be wiped out.
Just as the tech bubble of 2000 eliminated useless dot coms.

What will remain is the infrastructure projects and DeFi apps that will continue to grow the Web 3 ecosystem.

When we see convergences of events, on-chain intelligence, and major trend reversals that indicate the market is showing signs of a serious detox, we'll let our subscribers know.

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