It appears our NOV 3rd bias was correct...

Combing through the reports, analytics, and commentary, one thing is clear - the Crypto Christmas rally is unlikely to be as spectacular as in previous years. We want it to be, but unfortunately, the economic setup is not in alignment with "the most wonderful time of the year." - Holding For Good News

Whenever we see data that shows the continuation of a downtrend, like all humans, we hope to be surprised by a reversal.

Instead, the Grinch showed up as Sam Bankman-Fried and managed to pillage investors' accounts and destabilize countless crypto exchanges and hedge funds.

Bitcoin's Trend

Week 48 of 52

Looking at the weekly chart, the market is shy of OCT 2020 levels, where BTC ranged between $8K - $12K.

Right now, $15K must hold as support if any sort of rally is to form. If not, 2020 prices, here we come!

At that point, "buy the dip" is an understatement. More like "buy the ultimate fire sale."

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