October 4, 2021

Alpha Swing Launch!

Alpha Swing Launch!
 "If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right." - Seinfeld

Crypto is like a visit to the Louvre.

It takes months to go through the various layers of economic value being developed through cryptography via gaming, art, finance, and business.

For those trying to treat crypto with the same analysis given to equities, all the best.

It's a different beast that's just now waking up.

It's volatility keeps smart traders humble and get-rich-quick types in a constant state of paranoia.

For our paid members, we'll be sharing our swing trade strategies for BTC for four reasons...

  1. To create a realtime reference of gains and losses made through swing trading. And our swing trades range from days to weeks.
  2. To show that getting an edge in crypto, for now, can be done with just a few tools, a clear set of rules, and patience.
  3. To show that manual trades can be profitable and fun. No bots. No algos.
  4. Several of you have asked for sneak peak into our alpha labs, so why not?!

As soon as the market clears $5T, it'll be a different game, and we'll have adapted our strategy accordingly.

No strategy lasts forever. Therefore, what counts is taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves...and this requires patience.

We're still early in crypto, so we wait for the opportunities to set themselves up. Our goal is to stack the odds in our favor at least 3:1.

Time will tell how many times the market either shows us favor or teaches us a lesson.

We're smart enough to know that extreme fear and extreme greed are detrimental to long-term success.

So we've developed a strategy focused on keeping emotions in check, heads clear, and accounts from being liquidated.

We're only focused on BTC as it's the dominant market mover...for now.

Over time those with "eyes to see" will start recognizing market patterns powered by fear, hope, and greed.

As always, not financial advice of any kind, DYOR. For informational, educational, and research purposes only.

In the future Alpha Swing posts, we'll post a live snapshot of entry day, the Fear/Greed index, current market summary from CoinMarketCap, and an updated chart on exit day.

Here's the swing and how it played out...

Entry: Sept 30 '21 (Checkmark)

Exit: Oct 2 '21 (Flag)

Result:  +11.25% in 2 days 16 hours

We used this tool to automate our swings.

Waiting for next Alpha Swing setup...