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The Focus

We're not a trading alerts group, pump/dump mob, or day traders addicted to getting their accounts liquidated.

We don’t focus on complex financial models or over-kill technical analysis that look good on Trading View but can turn out to be epic fails in real-time.

Nor do we rant about classroom economic theory that may or may not produce alpha. Nor do we waste time debating mass media headlines that are rife with questionable motives.

Those who need to be told how to think or hand-held through life, should find another group to satisfy those needs and good luck not losing everything in the years ahead.

Time is money, so we focus on the opportunities that drive towards financial independence so that we can buy what we want, go where we want, and do what we want...whenever we want to.

We focus on capturing opportunities fueled by global trends, tech, eCommerce, crypto, economic cycles, marketing, and irrational emotions.

We express ideas and opinions for our members to do their own in-depth due diligence.

We don’t know you or your situation, so if you need advice ask the appropriate licensed professional. Again, nothing here is legal/financial/tax advice, ever.

On the path to success, risk is a guarantee, past performance is not.

This newsletter is best suited for those who have been active in crypto and/or blockchain projects for at least 9 months. Meaning you've experienced 40%+ price drops, FOMO cycles, FUD cycles, insanely high Ethereum gas fees, NFT madness, food coin yield farming...and you're still in the game. You'll easily get inspired with the ideas we share about how to leverage the digital wealth shift powered by the internet economy.

The Briefing Overview

Our research comes from a variety of public and proprietary domain sources. We gladly give kudos and credit to quantum-level analysts who share with us insights we could never code.

And fortunately coding is not our wheelhouse.

Saving you time, sparking ideas, alerting you to the early signs of a shift in the internet economy and filtering through the noise is what we do best.

When it comes to research no one has a perfect interpretation of the past, present, or future. Therefore our research style is to find ideas, conversations, innovations, opportunities, and ask a ton of questions that we find game-changing, intriguing, and disruptive to business-as-usual.

Once our research, opinions and ideas are shared, it's always up to the reader to make a decision about what to do next or not.

We're smart enough to know Murphy's Law and risk are guaranteed to show up whenever humans and money are involved, so our best hope is to stack the odds in our favor...and make smart money moves before the Gen Pop finally catches on.

We're deep thinkers, entrepreneurs, analysts, and contrarians that accepted the call to design our lives towards maximum fulfillment.

Our personal appetites for finding rewarding opportunities hidden in plain view is why ALT Monie exists. In the months ahead, hindsight will tell us how well we handled opportunity.

Throughout the month we'll share our briefings concerning these core topics:

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A Brief Lexicon of Crypto & ALT Monie

Gen Pop - The general population that seems to chronically be the last to know and the first to suffer from economic and technological shifts.

Mega Whales / Whales / Sharks - Those with enough money and influence to pump or dump any financial market and ruin the futures of Gen Pop. Track these pods at a healthy distance.

Seasonality / Cycles - Everything in life has a season. A time to plant. A time to harvest. A time to be joyful. A time to be afraid. A time of war. A time of peace. Knowing which season we just left, are currently in, and are heading into helps to understand when sentiment about the future is about to go uber bearish or uber bullish.

Bearish - Be wise. Things are looking sketchy and depressing. Patience is a position. The preservation of capital and your sanity is critical to long-term survival.

Bullish - Be calm. Hysteria is at an all-time high. Everybody looks like a financial genius. Smart money is doing a balancing act between taking profits and letting the trend ride. And they have a ton of warning signals when the party is about to end.

FUD - Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Market research has proven people will buy into fear more than they will buy into pleasure. FUD usually creates massive gains for one party and massive losses for another. Just depends which side you're on. Rarely is it a fair game.

Decentralized - Removing the pain points of a transaction in a faster, cheaper, more secure, ultra powerful, and disruptive way (i.e. blockchain and its crypto comrades). This includes growing sectors like decentralized finance "DeFi".

Centralized - Control of information, flow of capital, and resources in the hands of a few or even one. This includes traditional centralized finance "CeFi".

Crypto Twitter "CT" -  The wild west saloon of crypto. Fortunes are made. Billions are lost. Scams are abundant. Innovation is non-stop. Influencers are rampant. The FUD is real. The memes are hysterical. Dreams come true, as do nightmares. Avoid taking financial advice from here, unless you hate money and love losing everything. And it's only the beginning.

On Chain Analysis - Crypto can't be analyzed using the same CeFi stock/bond analysis that missed all the blatant warning signs of the 2008 economic train wreck. As the crypto markets evolve bots, AI, high-frequency trading, stablecoins, inflows, outflows, transaction volume, wallet movements, price, working protocols, use case, tokenomics, and mass adoption are all part of the analysis that Wall Street has yet to figure out how to quantify. Your P/E ratio and Morningstar rating is meaningless here. Which is why we focus on the questions and analytics that do matter.

Projects - Legitimate cryptocurrencies at their core are software projects and technological innovations that are fueling the evolution of the internet (i.e. Web3, Web6, Web10...and beyond).

Layer 1/Layer 2 Tech - The foundational software projects of the next tech shift. They represent the digital tunnels, bridges, roads, shipping ports, and airports that other projects pay a fee to use. Infrastructure and Networking. In any economy Layer 1/Layer 2 will always get paid.

Web3 - The next iteration of the internet that's expanding our mobile device capabilities, enhancing decentralized data networks, artificial intelligence, digital security, and smart contracts. While removing anything and anyone that acts as a gatekeeper or bottleneck in a transaction (i.e. costly pain points).

FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. A common Gen Pop flaw that has them addicted to buying high out of greed, selling low out of fear, hoping for the best, and losing everything in the process. Many have a Stockholm Syndrome relationship with FOMO.

Sideline Skeptics "Skepties" - These are usually the last adopters of major tech trends. They have a disposition to distrust innovation. Somehow they believe change will happen in the next generation, not theirs. Which is why they sat sideline as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Uber, Air BNB...changed life as we know it in spite of their skepticism. The skeptics are usually forced to change when it costs the most.

Intellectually Curious "Curians" - These range from creators to early adopters who are fascinated by the potential of innovation. This is our global tribe. They learn, experiment, discover, research, question, engage, take smart risks, and drink from a fire hose of curiosity until they're so far down the rabbit hole they can't help but strategically shift their world to capitalize on the possibility of "what-if-this-actually-works!?"

If your appetite for knowledge is activated and your curiosity piqued, subscribe and join us as the future is breathtaking and the upshots of getting educated is invaluable.

The reality is, those not learning now will be forced to pay a king's ransom to get up to speed at the most inconvenient time.

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